Languages I Know

I am comfortable programming in any of the languages listed below. Here is an overview of all the languages I would say I know:

Here is a more in-depth explanation of my connection with each language.


I have worked extensively with JavaScript. Many of the projects I create are in JavaScript. I've used large frameworks like React (with WebPack and Babel), but I can still create web pages/applications without (or with minimal) libraries.

I also have used JavaScript with node.js to create server-side and command line applications. This is definitely the language I am most comfortable with.


During my internship with AirTank during the summer of 2019, I worked a lot with TypeScript writing server-side node.js code for a REST API. I have a good understanding of the language's type system.


I began learning Haskell in August, 2019. I am now comfortable in the language and consider myself proficient with the functional programming style. My current project with this is a raytraced rendering engine. Check out the project page here.

C Sharp

Mainly, I have used C# with the Unity Game Engine to create 3d projects or games. I'm quite comfortable with the syntax and programming patterns in this language.


I've played around with some Java programming, and a few years ago I used to program mostly in this language.


My experiments with machine learning come from here. I have also used it for some data processing, mainly to prepare data for machine learning.


I can create programs in this language, but my understanding is not super strong. I have a fairly solid grasp of pointers, but the low-level nature of this language has been challenging to me. My biggest C++ project is raytracing project.


These might not be true programming languages, but CSS does have some depth and I have a solid understanding of them. I can build web sites.